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License agreement examples

Do you need data to help you draft license, sublicense, franchise or other intellectual property agreements? With RoyaltyRange, you can instantly download license agreement examples for your project. We have 42 license agreement examples collected from public sources for you to choose from.

The types of license agreement examples we offer

The 42 license agreement examples in our pack cover a wide range of industries, contract types, intangibles and remuneration types:

  • Industries covered: Services, software, media and/or online content, food, industrial, apparel, pharmaceuticals and/or biotechnology, consumer and/or household goods, electronics and/or semiconductors
  • Contracts covered: Asset purchase, cross-license, distribution, franchise, license, master franchise and sublicense
  • Intangibles covered: The six main intangible groups covered by the agreement examples are: 1) marketing (trademarks, trade names, brands, etc.); 2) manufacturing (technology, know-how, patents, trade secrets, etc.); 3) combination (agreements containing both manufacturing and marketing intangibles); 4) patents; 5) know-how; and 6) copyrights
  • Type of remuneration covered: royalties; lump sum payments, such as initial fees and one-time payments; equity compensation, including shares, warrants and convertible debenture; profit split arrangements; per-unit fees as an alternative to royalties expressed in percentages; milestone payments; sublicense-related compensation; and certain minimum or maximum limits on the payable royalties

Choosing your license agreement example

The below table outlines how each of the 42 agreements is categorized in terms of industry, contract type, intangibles and remuneration type.

If you look down the column for each document number, you will see which industry, contract type, intangibles and remuneration type it relates to. For example, document 1 relates to the payment of royalties for marketing intangibles in a sublicense agreement for a company in the apparel industry.

Once you know which agreement number you want, select it from the ‘Download your license agreement examples here’ list and enter your details in the form.

Download licence agreement examples